Messages from Taiwan

From Prof. Dr. Lin, Tsong Ming, Taiwan

On the auspicious occasion of the celebration of United Nations Day of Vesak 2014 in Vietnam, I wish to express the best blessing to all of us the disciples, followers of the Lord of Buddha on behalf of the faculty and students of Nanhua University found by Fo Guang Shan Monastery.
I would like to convey my sincere appreciation and congratulation to National Vietnam Buddhist Sangha (NVBS) in collaboration with the International Council of the UNITED NATIONS Day of Vesak (ICUNDV) to organize an international conference tilled “Buddhist Contribution to Achieve the UN Millennium Development Goals”.
The ultimate goal of Buddhasasana is the disengagement of the suffering of existence. The core teaching of Buddhist education also fosters a sense of compassion, tolerance and respect toward other living beings. The moral conduct will lead to refrain from exploitation both of others and of one’s self and mutual respect. Since the right attitude in Buddhism is closely connected with understanding and knowledge which is founded on wisdom, this conference will provide and exchange a deeper look to see what outlook the religion has on man and the world and how it functions.
I am sure that these symposiums will provide a meaningful platform to exchange ideas and knowledge theoretically, practically and instrumentally contributing to global issues and toward the peace and Happiness of humanity. Therefore, as the leader of Nanhua University, a Buddhist Wisdom based institution of higher learning, I pledge my full support with every one of you in this meaningful endeavor toward the real peace and happiness of individuals, societies, regions and the world regardless of races, nationalities and personal belief in making the world a better place to live for everyone.
Yours sincerely in Dhamma 
Prof. Dr. Lin, Tsong-Ming President, Nanhua University 2014/03/18

From Bhiksuni Ming Yu, Taiwan

Dear Ven. Dr. Thich Duc Thien.
It is with the highest honor and respect, the Chinese Young Buddhist Association in Taipei, Taiwan, would like express our most sincere congratulation for the decision to hold the coming The United Nations Day of Vesak 2014 at the Bai Dinh Temple Conventional Center, Ninh Binh Province, Vietnam.
This historical event has affirmed the Vietnamese government and its people of their intention to take care and respect the good ethical values of religion.
Again, on the behalf of the Chinese Young Buddhist Association in Taipei, we offer our most sincere congratulation and wish to have the honor to participate this event.
Our registration will be submitted in the next email.

Bhiksuni Ming Yu,
President - Chinese Young Buddhist Association
Vice President - World Followship Buddhist Youth
President - Outstanding Women in Buddhism Awards

From Master Venerable Shih Lien-Hai, Taiwan

On behalf of the World Buddhist Development Association, Taipei, ROC, we would like to Congratulate the National Vietnam Buddhist Sangha (NVBS) for being the host to the 11th Anniversary Celebration and International Buddhist Conference of United Nations Day of Vesak 2014 to be held in Ninh Binh Province, Vietnam from 07 to 11 May 2014. 
We are indeed honoured to be invited to join this very auspicious and important event with the main Theme of the Celebration centred on the ‘Buddhist Perspective towards achieving the UN Millennium Goals.’
From the World Buddhist Development Association, our sincere wish for the great success of the 11th Anniversary Celebration and International Buddhist Conference of United Nations Day of Vesak 2014 and Blessings to All by the Triple Gem !
With Metta 
                                  Master Venerable Shih Lien-Hai
        President, World Buddhist Development Association (Taiwan, ROC)


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