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From Mme. Trudy Dechen Fredriksson, Sweden

The Buddhist Cooperation Council of Sweden hereby likes to share our feelings of happiness at the occasion of the UN Vesak celebration. It is indeed a case of sharing our deepest gratefulness towards Shakyamuni Buddha, and towards the unbroken line of transmission of His teaching by the Buddhist masters of all traditions until today.
But we would also like to take the opportunity to express our deep concern about the increasing man-made pollution of our physical environment. Because of the decreasing ethical codes of conduct we are seeing many examples of disturbances and factual destruction not only in our psychological environment but also in our natural surroundings. It concerns the pollution of our planet earth with its plants, trees, rivers, oceans and air that surrounds us and gives live to an innumerable variety of living beings. This causes different kinds of sufferings not only for mankind but for all living beings.
We are all aware of the fundamental Buddhist teaching of not harming oneself or other living beings. The Buddha, our Great Master, emphasized clearly the practical side of his teachings; he taught that knowledge and wisdom should be combined with compassionate actions, with respect and reverence to living beings and their natural environment.
We call upon all Buddhist leaders, associations and their individual members for increasing efforts to strongly propagate the basic Buddhist values of non-violence also concerning our physical environment. Each and everyone of us carries the responsibility for nurturing and protecting nature continuously, in order that our children, and further future generations can live a healthy life.
Sincerely Yours

Trudy Dechen Fredriksson, Chairwoman

The Buddhist Cooperation Council of Sweden 

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