Messages from China


Buddhist Abbot of Liu Zu Temple
Guangdong, China

From Most Ven. Shi Dayuan, China

Since the time of Sakyamuni Buddha, Buddhism has been stressing the equality of all living beings, respect and tolerance, with the proposition of a solemn country and benefiting sentient beings, advocating great kindness without cause and great compassion based on sameness! These ideas, which have played an important and positive role in purifying the mind, enlightening people, eliminating poverty, reducing the risk of diseases, benefiting the masses, educating the public and promoting human welfare for more than 2,000 years, are very consistent with the UN Millennium Goals. It is believed that Buddhism can still exert greater influences on the UN Millennium Goals with which people from all over the world are concerned and confronted. It is also hoped that all the eminent monks and great virtues will take this opportunity to exchange experiences, interpret Buddhist Scriptures, find good ways and obtain peace of mind for all the people, harmony for the community and peace for the world. Let’s dedicate our wisdom and efforts to the early achievement of the UN Millennium Goals. I wish the International Buddhist Conference of United Nations Day of Vesak 2014 in Vietnam a great success and everyone good health. 
 With palms together

                                                          Most Ven. Shi Dayuan
Buddhist Abbot of Liu Zu Temple, Guangdong, China

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