Jerril G. Santos, Ambassador of the Republic of the Philippines

From Embassy of the Philippines

On the occasion of the thrice-sacred day of Vesak commemorating the birth, enlightenment (Nirvana) and passing away (Parinirvâna) of Gautama Buddha, I wish to convey to the Buddhist community all over the world the good wishes and felicitations of the people of the Republic of the Philippines and my own personal greetings on this most revered celebration.
Buddhist monks in the Philippines join the rest of the international community in celebrating Visak Day through the performance of appropriate rituals, such as the Buddha Bathing Ceremony, and meditation. The Philippines considers the full moon day of May of every year as Vesak Day.
 Buddha’s teachings of peace and the pursuit of happiness are universal and timeless, and it is my sincere hope for such wisdoni, to continue to flourish in the many years to come.

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