Embassy of Federative Republic of Brazil


From Embassy of Federative Republic of Brazil

I offer on behalf of the Brazilian Embassy in Hanoi best wishes to all those celebrating Vesak Day, which marks the birth, enlightenment and passing away of Lord Buddha. 
 For over two and half millennia Buddha’s timeless teachings remain relevant and continue to contribute to the spirituality of humanity.
Since 1999 approval of the UN resolution acknowledging that contribution, Vesak Day is commemorated at the UN Headquarters and at UN missions around the world. I hope the spiritual ideals remembered at the Day of Vesak continue to make Buddha’s messages more known worldwide in order they can reach universal application. 
I wish the celebrations in Ninh Binh Province every success. I sincerely hope the messages of peace, goodwill and compassion of Buddhism are further spread to strengthen men’s efforts to create a better world.

Vitoria Alice Cleaver
Federative Republic of Brazil

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