H.E. Dr. Kalahe Gamage Ivan Amarasinghe, Embassy the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

From Embassy the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

On this historic occasion of Viet Nam being accorded the global honour of celebrating the United Nations Vesak Celebrations in 2014, it is a privilege bestowed on me as the Ambassador for Sri Lanka in Viet Nam to congratulate the National Viet Nam Buddhist Sangha (NVBS) for  organizing the 11th Anniversary Celebration of the United Nations Vesak 2014 together with an International Buddhist Conference of timely thematic relevance to global peace and UN Millennium Development Goals.
The subthemes of the Conference are of significant potential contributory value in progress to Viet Nam and Sri Lanka as well as to the fast developing wider world. The guidance of the Dhamma is essential for enhancing local, regional and global peace, sustainable development environment protection and healthy living. Cultural developments in long established countries are inherently underpinned by spiritual values and associated practices of the inhabitants; and so they are, for Viet Nam and Sri Lanka. For nearly 2000 years both countries accepted Buddhism as the bedrock of their society and have robust civilizational foundations based on the Buddha Dramma. In Viet Nam, over 17000 pagodas distributed in towns and villages stand as testimony to the prominence given to the spiritual centres of local guidance and in most pagodas associated with the final resting places of the ancestral spirits. The leadership of the Sangha, be they Mahayana or Theravada, has been highlighted in war times and peace times. The traditions practiced at birth, marriage and death of  the Vietnamese share remarkable similarities with global Buddhist communities. The recent resurgence of Buddhism in Viet Nam is in tandem with its national development  and prosperity. The recent election of Viet Nam to the UN Human Rights Council [UNHRC] gaining the highest majority votes of all member States speaks volumes for the Buddhist underpinnings of Viet Nam in national and global conduct and inspiration.
On behalf of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, it is mu honour to be present in Viet Nam to share the joyous occasion of UN Vesak Celebrations 2014.

   His Excellency Dr. Kalahe Gamage Ivan Amarasinghe.

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