H.H. The 17th Karmapa Trinley Thaye Dorje

It is matter of great pleasure that I have been honored to give a congratulatory message on the United Nations Day of Vesak 2014 celebrations which is one of the most important days for Buddhism. I am very happy to learn that the government of Vietnam is also organizing a conference on this very auspicious where Buddhist leaders from all traditions, leading scholars, state dignitaries and practitioners around the world have been invited. My appreciation goes to all those who have painstakingly worked hard to make this vast activity happen.
Since Buddhist leaders from all tradition are expected to join this grand celebration and participate the conference, I am sure that many effective measures will be undertaken. It is great that many great personalities have come together and contributed their kind services to strengthen peace and harmony for the world today. I, as a Buddhist monk, also have the wish to offer my contribution as well. Generally, all crisis that arise from conflict and war of this age are mainly due to the exercise of people’s negative thought and action. This negative thought and action can be completely overcome by applying loving kindness and genuine compassion. The world today would not be suffered if every individual can carry on such practice and this practice can, thus, lead one into the real state of peace and happiness. I hope, through this conference, everyone could follow this practice and lead the present world more peaceful and advancement through spiritual development.
May this conference become grand success by benefiting every individual through the message of Lord Buddha and his activity.
With Prayers,
Trinley thaye Dorje
The 17th Karmapa


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