HH. Supreme Patriarch Sanghanayaka Supreme Sangha Mahanikaya, Bangladesh

From His Holiness Supreme Patriarch  Sanghanayaka Supreme Sangha Mahanikaya of Bangladesh. 

It gives me immense pleasure to know that 11th United Nations Day Vesak 2014 & International conference on Buddhism are being hosted by VBS on and from 7 to 11 May 2014. On behalf of the members of Bangladesh Buddhist Community and as Supreme Patriarch of  Supreme Sangha Mahanikaya of Bangladesh on my behalf I convey my thanks and gratitude and that Bangladesh Bouddha Bhikkhu Mahasabha(ESTD:1753)
I have also come to know that this year academic conference theme is “Buddhist Perspectives toward Achieving the United Nations MDGs”. Global situation specially in perspectives of peace, and climate change is alarming. Buddhists and Buddhism of the world have lot of things to do.
The world Buddhist leaders have the responsibility to approach the national leaders of all nations of the world to be more concerned about peace and climate change also about economic and social development. Buddha’s universal loving kindness and compassion can protect the human beings and all sentient beings leaders to understand five moral codes i.e, refrain from killing, refrain from stealing others properties; refrain from sexual misconduct; refrain from telling a lie and refrain from taking intoxicants.
The inherent message of the five moral codes should reach to each and every one of the world as a message through the United Nations organizations for peace and stability of the world in all respects.
Buddha said, “Hatred can’t be ceased by hatred, it may be appeased by Love alone”. It is the eternal law and universal message of the Buddha. Through this great conference the above message, I hope, will be communicated to each and every one of the world will be peaceful in the days to come.
I hope the conference a great success.
May the blessings of the great triple gem be on all.

Ven. S.Dharmapal Mahathero
Sanghanayaka (Supreme Patriarch)
Bangladesh Bouddha Bhikkhu Mahasabha
(Supreme Sangha Mahanikaya of Bangladesh)

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