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From Seek Kwang Phing, Singapore

The Buddha had taught generosity, loving-kindness, compassion, and wisdom which include understanding. If citizens of this world, regardless of nationality, race, colour of skin, social status, wealth, and religion were to develop, practice, commit and subscribe to these positive attributes, the world will be a more graceful, peaceful and tolerable place to live in. With this, in turn, allows more fruitful time to seek solutions to global warming, diseases causing poor health, political conflicts, etc. In order to achieve this, as responsible world citizens, Buddhists need to create a much greater awareness of these positive attributes and the Buddha’s Teaching among citizens and various leaders of this world. This will be our greatest contribution. This contribution requires tireless effort and perseverance, and selfless attitude. After all, this is the aim of the Buddha when He agreed to share His Teaching.
UNDV is one platform to disseminate the Teaching and to achieve a more graceful, peaceful and tolerable world. It is a mammoth task to organize this event where Buddhists from around the world can play the task and role in giving advices on international issues. We are delighted that the UNDV has incorporated the theme of United Nations Millennium Development Goals into this year conference. This shows that Buddhism is still relevant to modern life.
On behalf of the Buddhist Communities in Singapore, the Singapore Buddhist Federation would like to congratulate the Most Ven Thich Thanh Nhieu, Chairman, ICDV - UNDV 2014 International Organizing Committee, Standing Vice President of National Vietnam Buddhist Sangha and his team for hosting this event.
May all beings be well and happy.

 (Ven) Seek Kwang Phing,

Singapore Buddhist Federation

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