Messages from Tanzania

From Rev Dr lLukpitiye  Pannasekara  Thero, Tanzania

“Sabba Danan Dhamma Danan Jinathi”
Dear  Dhamma Friends,
I am very happy to give my felicitations for the occasion of the united day of Vesak Celebration which will be held from on 7-11 May 2014, to celebrate the Birth, Enlightenment and Passed away of the Buddha in Bai Dinh Temple, Ninh Binh, Viet Nam. I would like to express my profound thanks to the organizing committee to make this event very valuable for all in every year since 2004. This is the very wonderful occasion to keep our unity among different sectors on Buddhism around the world.
I firmly hope that this UN day of Vesak celebrations will bring about resounding success in forging strong solidarity and brotherhood of all Buddhists for the good, for benefits and for happiness of all beings.
At the end of my message, I wish all of you be endowed with four wishes of our Buddha, Longevity, Good Complexion, Happiness and Strength.
 May all beings be freed from suffering and in Peace!!!

                                          Rev Dr ILukpitiye Pannasekara Nayaka Thero    

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