Ministry of Finance had a meeting with National Vietnam Buddhist Sangha on VESAK 2014

On March 25, members of UN Day of VESAK 2014 Organizing Board had a meeting with Ministry of Finance and the Central Committee for Religious Affairs on tasks and expenditure for organizing the upcoming UN Day of VESAK 2014.

Most Ven Thich Thanh Nhieu – Standing Vice President of National Vietnam Buddhist Sangha (NVBS) cum Co-President of International Council of Day of Vesak (ICDV) along with members from Organising Committee as well as Executive Council of Vietnam Buddhist Sangha in Ninh Binh Province attended the meeting.

On behalf of the authorities, there were Mr. Pham Dung, Deputy Director of Ministry of Internal Affairs, Head of Committee for Religious Affairs, Leader of the Central Interdisciplinary Group to assist in organizing VESAK 2014 and Mrs. Vu Thi Mai, Deputy Director of Ministry of Finance, as well as leaders from the municipal Committee for Religious Affairs and from Ninh Binh People’s Committee also attended the meeting.

Meeting with Deputy Director of Ministry of Finance on March 25th 2014.

Most Ven. Thich Duc Thien – Deputy Secretary General of NVBS – gave a speech at the meeting, emphasizing that the UN Day of VESAK 2014 held by NVBS with Vietnam being the host is a foreign event with socialized expenditure.

 “With the will to share and help for the common development of the country, we hope Deputy Director of Ministry of Finance has some specific opinions on defining the budget of the Ministry of Finance to assist NVBS in organizing the festival successfully.”

Mr. Pham Dung reckoned: “Now the preparations for the UN Day of VESAK 2014 in Vietnam is going to end. The Government of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, with the responsibility of the host, has guided all the related central departments, ministries and regional authorities to pay more attention to and suppport at best to help NVBS to hold the festival successfully, leaving a profound impression on international monks and nuns.

Deputy Director Pham Dung believed with the determination of NVBS Executive Council and of governmental companies, regional authorities and especially of Ministry of Finance, all the preparations would be finished on time.

Mrs. Vu Thi Mai, Deputy Director of Ministry of Finance, stated at the meeting, that realizing the announcement of Prime Minister, the Ministry preliminarily passed the estimation of the total expenses for the festival.

 “The Committee for Religious Affairs proactively cooperated with the Sangha and other related departments to list in detail all the expenses to do together. The Ministry of Finance will collaborate with other related departments to assist NVBS in supporting the organization of the festival”, emphasized Mrs. Vu Thi Mai.

Whereby, Deputy Director of Ministry of Finance hoped that at the soonest NVBS specifies all the expenses so that the Ministry will cooperate more effectively.

Source: Giac Ngo Online

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