ICDV Preparatory Meeting : Vietnam officially hosts UN Day of Vesak 2014

On 29th September 2013,  at Buddhist University of Mahachukalongkornrajavidyalaya (Wangnoi, Ayuthaya, Thailand), International Council for the Day of Vesak ( ICDV), after 2 days of discussion with the absolute approval of members, came to the decision of choosing National Vietnam Buddhist Sangha ( VBS) to host the 11th  UN Day of Vesak 2014.

Most Ven. Prof Brahmapundit hosted the preparatory meeting.

 The conference was hosted by Most Ven. Prof Brahmapundit – the Rector of University and the Chairman of ICDV also and received attendance of ICDV members from different countries and territories. There were 10 members in VBS delegation including Most Ven Thich Thanh Nhieu – Standing Deputy President of VBS Executive Council to be the head.

In May 2013, before the celebration of  UN Vesak 2013,  Most Ven Thich Tri Quang, Deputy President of Executive Council was the Head of Vietnam Delegation and he worked with ICDV and requested for VBS to be the host of this cultural- spiritual celebration in 2014.

 The scene of conference in Rector’s Building of MCU

For this auspicious event , Most Ven Thich Thanh Nhieu gave many complements and completed all necessary ICDV requirements.

This is the second time that Vietnam has hosted UN Day of Vesak. The first Vesak celebration in Vietnam was hosted by Vietnam Government in National Convention Center in My Dinh, Ha Noi  in 2008. Naturally, the event left good impression on international Buddhist delegates.

Regarding UN Vesak 2014, VBS, with the approval of Socialist Republic of Vietnam, is the official host the event in Bai Dinh Temple in Ninh Binh. Organizing Committee of Vesak 2014 including Most Ven Thich Thanh Nhieu, Ven Thich Nhat Tu, Prof Le Manh That – the only Vietnamese member of ICDV gave persuasive answers to any questions arose  in the official meeting on 28th Sep, further discussion on 28th  Sep and this morning meeting. Such activities proved that VBS had suitable experiences and conditions to hold the forthcoming Vesak 2014 successfully
UN Vesak 2014 is expected to take place from 7th 11th , May, 2014 ( Main activities are held in 3 days, from 8 th  to 10th, May)

“ VSB is determined to hold UN Day of Vesak 2014 as successfully as, if not, better than the previous UN Vesak 2008 in Vietnam. Vesak 2014 consists of activities such as conferences, culture exhibition, art performances and meetings throughout our country”.

  Most Ven. Thich Thanh Nhieu answered many delegate questions.

Most Ven. Prof Brahmapundit gathered opinions of ICDV members and directly interrogated Most Ven Thich Thanh Nhieu about important matters. Finally, at 11: 32, H.E Brahmapundit- the Chairman of ICDV officially announced that VBS host Vesak 2014 in the sound of “ Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu” of present delegates. Most Ven Thich Thanh Nhieu received continuous congratulation from international representatives.

Once again, Vietnam becomes the destination of monks, nuns, Buddhists and scholars from differents shools. Although they come from different countries, culture and race, they respectfully regard the Buddha as their supreme teacher.

Accordingly, Ven Thich Duc Thien,  Deputy General Secretary of VBS  Northern Office, is officially promoted as a member of ICDV after VBS is chosen to host Vesak 2014

In the afternoon, VBS delegation attended the third Conference of international Buddhist leaders about the foundation of International Buddhist Center in Thailand, hosted by Most Ven.Prof Brahmapundit.

  Chanting for Buddha blessing before every meeting.

MCU has successfully held 9 UN Vesak celebrations before ( In 2008 Vietnam hosted UN Vesak )

Delegate’s  photographing with VBS.

Writer: Hoang Do - Nhuan Tu (from Thailand)/Source: Giac Ngo Online

Translator: Nguyen Ngoc Anh

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