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From Karmen Mihalinec, Croatia

Venerable monks, venerable nuns,
Distinguished delegates and guests
Ladies and gentlemen
Friends in the Dharma
It gives me great honour and pleasure to extend warm greetings and best wishes to all of you on behalf of Dharmaloka Chan Buddhist Community, Croatia. I wish for a successful celebration of Vesak which is to be held in Republic of Viet Nam, and would like to express gratitude to our hosts and organizers of this most important occasion in Buddhist calendar. I would like to express my joy and happiness for being invited to attend this largest gathering of world Buddhists.
Vesak is not only about marking the event of Buddha’s awakening, but about remembering the meaning of wisdom discovered through that awakening, here and today. This year’s celebration theme “Buddhist Contribution to Achieve the UN Millennium Development Goals” calls for evaluation of that wisdom within the larger context of contemporary global humanity and its challenges. 
The world is struggling. It has become small place packed with what often seems like disturbing differences. It is continually confronted with some sort of crisis - be it economic, social, moral, spiritual or ecological. What solutions can Buddhist wisdom offer in tackling these problem areas? 
Buddha Dharma is broad and deep, based on universal principles, which can be applied to individual, as well as to social and global levels. It points to our deep inter-connectedness and reminds us that common benefits grow through common efforts. In other words, our destiny is shared responsibility.
I am convinced that this celebration of Vesakh as well as the Conference will make an important contribution in establishing deeper harmony between Buddhist leaders from around the world and in finding effective application of Buddha’s insight to problems of today’s world.
Yours in the Dharma,

                                                                             Karmen Mihalinec
                                                                            Buddhist centre
                                                         Dharmaloka Chan Buddhist Community

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