Ha Noi: The First Preparatory Meeting of the International Organising Committee (IOC) for UNDV 2014 in Vietnam

Organizing period is from 07 to 11/05/2014, the opening and closing ceremonies and activities such as science, culture, art, Vietnamese Buddhist culture exhibition, traditional food culture and fair, various music and dance which have been organized at Bai Dinh temple – Trang An Tourist Centre – Hoa Lu Ancient Capital – Ninh Binh province. It is expected about 90 to 100 countries and 4000 to 10.000 attendees.

Maha Sangha in the meeting has discussed additional opinions on programmed organizing plan. The Maha Sangha in the meeting have proposed opinions for discussion to achieve consensus and jointly coordinate with organizing board to achieve unification so that the UNDV 2014 celebration will be successfully organized.

 HT.Thích Thiện Nhơn - quyền Phó chủ tịch TT kiêm Tổng thư ký HĐTS GHPGVN
 GS-TS Lê Mạnh Thát cố vấn Ban tổ chức
 HT.Thích Gia Quang -  Phó Ban tổ chức phát biểu
Maha Sangha took photographs

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