The first press conference on the UN Day of Vesak celebration 2014 in Vietnam

On November 24th 2013, following the first conference of International Council for the Day of Vesak (ICDV) at the Crown Plaza hotel (number 36 Le DUc Tho st, My Dinh, Tu Liem, Hanoi), the Press conference on the United Nations Day of Vesak (UNDV) took place in Vietnam, under the managing of Vietnam Buddhist Sangha (VBS) co-operating with the Organizing Committee of UNDV.


In the administration group of the meeting, on the VBS side attended by Most Ven Thich Thanh Nhieu – Standing Vice President of Executive Council, Chairman of of Organizing Council of Vesak 2014 in Vietnam; along with Most Ven Thich Thien Nhon – Standing Vice President cum Secretary-General of Executive Council of VBS; Most Ven Thich Gia Quang – Vice President of VBS and Chairman of the Central Information and Communications Council of VBS; Most Ven Thich Bao Nghiem – Vice President of VBS, Chairman of Dharma Preaching Committee and Vice President of Organizing Council of Vesak 2014. As for the international side, Most Ven. Prof. Dr. Brahmapundit presented on behalf of ICDV, together with Most Ven. Dr. Dhammaratana – Standing Vice President of ICDV and Most Ven. Dr Phra Sigambhirayan – Vice President cum Secretary-General of ICDV.

As a representative of the government, Mr. Bui Thanh Ha – Deputy chief of Religious Affaira Department joined the meeting organization.

At the meeting, basic information on the UNDV celebration 2014 was provided to media by the dignitaries and leaders of the ICDV and Vietnam Buddhist Sangha. The discussed topics included: perspective of Vietnam government towards Vietnam’s hosting of Vesak 2014 celebration, organizing the celebration, main contents of Comprehensive Proposal and the Organizing Committee of UNDV 2014.

In his opening speech, Most Ven Thich Thanh Nhieu stated that with the support from Vietnam government and ICDV, along with the experience from Vesak 2008 in Vietnam, the Celebration of UNDV 2014 in Ninh Binh (May 7th – May 11th) would be a great success.

On responding to queries for the government, Mr. Bui Thanh Ha, who spoke for the government of Vietnam, reassured that the authority would give the best support for the United Nations activities in general, and the UN Day of Vesak celebration in particular. Thence, Vietnam government submitted an official letter to the ICDV on helping the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha organizing the celebration. Additionally, the government also required other departments at national as well as local levels to support the operation of Vesak 2014. Besides, the government would assist Vietnam Buddhist Sangha with the preparation: diplomatic affairs, reception, translation; contacting foreign delegates of UN departments, international organizations and Ambassadors in Vietnam (as suggested by VBS), immigrating, security, fire prevention, food and environmental hygiene; communications, printing documents on the Celebrations and Buddhism in Vietnam, our people and culture; an others preparatory process.

Also in the conference, Most Ven. Prof Dr Brahmapundit – President of ICDV expressed his heartfelt appreciation towards Vietnam government for our success in hosting the UNDV Celebration in 2008 in Hanoi last time, and this year for the support for this momentous occasion. His greatness also affirmed the ICDV obligation for VBS to prepare and set up the UNDV 2014. Mt Brahmapundit believed this event would be another great success in Vietnam.

According to the requests of 34 countries, to recognize the moral values, culture and peace, harmony ideology of Buddha, The UN Day of Vesak (also referred as the Thrice-Sacred Day commemorating the Birth, the Enlightenment and Passing Away of Buddha on three full moon night) was assigned by the UN to be a international day of culture and religion since the year of 1999, and annual activities to celebrate the day should be held in Headquarters as well as other UN branches from the year of 2000 on. This is the second time Vietnam honorably hosts the UNDV celebration, the first time was in 2008, taking place in the National Convention Center with the participation of Buddhist organizations from 75 nations and territories. The topic of this conference is “The Buddhist Perspective Towards Achieving the United Nations Millennium Development Goals”.

With the experience from last success in 2008, which was considered to be the most successful commemoration of Vesak, and with the help of ICDV and Vietnam government, the Celebration of UN Day of Vesak 2014 in Vietnam organized by Vietnam Buddhist Sangha would flourish.

Follow are pictures in the conference




News: Yen Son

Pic: Cam Van

Source: Government Committee for Religious Affairs

Translated by Vu Phuong Dung


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