Ninh Binh: A conference held among hotels to prepare for the up-coming Vesak 2014

In the morning 29th January in lunar calendar (28th February 2014), National Vietnam Buddhist Sangha organized a conference with hotels at Hoa Lu hotel in Ninh Binh province to preparatory support the UNDV 2014 in Vietnam.

The UN Day of Vesak 2014 will be organized in Ninh Binh province in Vietnam, from 7 to 11th May. This is a great and important event for Vietnam and Estimation about 4.000 official delegates who are Buddhist leaders from different traditions and Buddhist scholars from one hundred countries around the world with thousands of Buddhist followers will attend together for UNDV 2014 Celebration. Vietnam which is hosting and will successfully organize the UNDV 2014 will contribute to promote position of Vietnam country, particularly for the National Vietnam Buddhist Sangha. This is also a chance to spread Vietnamese country figure, culture and people and tourism due to strengthen tourism development.

Most Ven. Thich Duc Thien spoke as the chairman at the conference.

Participants and witnesses were Most Ven. Thich Duc Thien Vice Serectary General of National Vietnam Buddhist Sangha cum Chief Officer of first central of National Vietnam Buddhist Sangha; Most Ven. Thich Tho Lac, management chief of National Vietnam Buddhist Sangha in Ninh Binh province, Most Ven. Thich Thanh Tinh, Deputy Director of the standing committee of National Vietnam Buddhist Sangha of Ninh Binh province; Ven. Thich Minh Quang, Deputy Director cum Secretary Chief of the Standing of National Vietnam Buddhist Sangha in Ninh Binh province and Maha Sangha in Ninh Binh province.


Ven. Thich Tho Lac had an open and joyful talk with the representatives

There were also other Ninh Binh official representatives from Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, Ninh Binh People Committee and hotels’ directors in the meeting.

 An official representative of Ninh Binh province had a speech. 

An official representative of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism made a speech.

To ensure the UNDV 2014 will be successfully taken place, the NBVS had discussed on open-hearted and rejoice spirit in order to agree the consensus for choice of hotels which will welcome and serve all delegates in the following content:

1. Increasing investment, consolidating facilities and equipment; ensuring best and secured service during the ongoing UNDV 2014 Celebration period.

2. Maintaining security methods and preventing fire and protecting fire, ensuring absolutely safety for all delegates.

3. Reminding and maintain regularly official staff and enhancing quality for good customer services.         

4. Preparing a large amount of goods and suppling to serve customer, especially for vegetarians, formally practising food safe and clean standard and hotels’ inside and outside clean environment.

5. Having discount policies to support the organizers and showing responsibilities on work throughout this significant organizing event.

After the conference, the officials of the National Vietnam Buddhist Sangha and Standing Executive Board of National Vietnam Buddhist Sangha of Ninh Binh province had a visit to the hall room, where will be held for the UND of Vesak 2014. The officials and Xuan Truong building business staff are highly recognized to urgently complete scheduled items of construction at Bai Dinh temple.

National Vietnam Buddhist Sangha recommends hotels which are active and rise responsible mental for the UNDV 2014 participants service.

Hoang Tuan

Source:  National Vietnam Buddhist Sangha website.

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