Thông Điệp

Thông điệp từ các tổ chức của Lithuania

May 02 2013

First at all we would like to express our gratitude for all the sacrifice and effort given to organize this great event, 11th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION AND
OF VESAK 2014.

For us it is a profound privilege and a great joy to be able to share and listen to so many venerable people. These meetings contain great teachings, extremely valuable to us, the inhabitants of Western societies, where the Buddhist tradition continues to flower. The mere act of participating in this conference and to visit this beautiful country of Vietnam, is of the greatest aid in deepening our understanding of this ancient tradition.

Human beings of today’s world live in societies bombarded by immense amounts of information, making it almost impossible to digest and to adjust to the rapid stream of input. Sociologists, philosophers and spiritual leaders agree that this ocean of information overwhelms all human beings and causes suffering, both mentally and physically. We also need learn how to take care of our planet, and be aware of our responsibility. Gratefully, the teachings of the Buddha offer us alternatives—very real and practical ways-- to establish meaningful and clear relationships with nature, our fellow human beings and ourselves. Let us congratulate all the venerable nuns and monks, all ours sisters and brothers in the Dharma, and one more time thank you very much to all people who work hard to organize this great event.

Yours in the Dharma
Prof. Dr. Dalius Jonkus and Prof. MA. Chordana Gonsales Krus
Buddhist Association of Lithuania

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