Workshop 1. Buddhist Response to Sustainable Development and Social Change


  1. Road Blocks in Sustainable Development and Social Change: A Buddhist Critique of Modern Capitalism and Globalization by Prof. K.T.S. Sarao
  2. Ethics, Kamma, and Sustainable Development by Eric S. Nelson and UMass Lowell
  3. Buddhist Response to Sustainable Development: Theory & Practice  by Dr. Mukesh Kumar Verma
  4. The Middle Way for Sustainable Development amidst Social Changes by Assoc. Prof. Dipti Mahanta
  5. Sustainable Development for Future Generation in Context with Buddhonomics by Chandan Kumar
  6. Buddhist Response to Sustainable Development and Social Change by Ms Kaushalya Karunasagara
  7. Buddhist Approach to Sustainability and Achieving Millennium Development Goals by Gábor Kovács
  8. brahmajāla  sutta :reading social sustainable development  by Dr. Siyaram Mishra Haldhar
  9. In Eradicating Poverty and Hunger: Moral Framework (Dhamma) for Family Economics by Prof.Dr. G.A. Somaratne
  10. Social Cohesion and the Ariyaparyesanā Sutta  by Dr Jeff Wilson
  11. Virtue Training: Buddhist Response to Sustainable Development and Social Change  Natpiya Saradum
  12. Dynamics of Inclusion and Exclusion in Multicultural Societies: Buddhist Response and Recommendation of a Buddhist Model of Global Citizenship by Dr. Sushma Trivedi
  13. Marx and Buddha: a Buddhist-Communist Manifesto by Jeff Waistell
  14. Engaging with Caste and Class in Modern India: Some Questions for Buddhists  by Maya Joshi
  15. Buddhism, Welfarism and Social Development in Sri Lanka by Dr. L.D. Sarath Vitharana
  16. Being Buddhist in the XXI Century Society: A Sociologycal Analysis of Buddhist People Social Values and Attitudes by Dr. José A. Rodríguez Díaz
  17. Impact of Forcible Religious Conversion on Interreligious Harmony: Lessons Learned from Sri Lanka by Ven. Dr. Pinnawala Sangasumana
  18. Young Buddhist Monastic Members and the Modern Society by Ven.Shi Yuande
  19. Buddhist Perspective on Prevention of Gender Based Violence by Dr. E.A.D. Anusha Edirisinghe
  20. Buddhist Ideas Regarding the Status of Women  by Ms. Kumudini Ranathunga
  21. Gender Inequality in Family Makes Weak Society: Problems and Challenges against Millennium Goals and Seek Solutions through Buddhist Teaching by Prof. Yasanjali Devika Jayatilleke
  22. Buddhist Perspective towards Establishing Gender Equality in Modern South Asian Societies by Ms. Ramesha Jayaneththi
  23. A Silent Protest Against Gender Inequality: A Case of Karen Armstrong’s Buddha by Harkiman Racheman & Faridah Noor Mohd Noor
  24. Theravada Buddhism and MDG 3: Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women in Theravada Buddhism by Ajahn Brahm
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