Workshop 2. Buddhist Response to Global Warming and Environmental Protection


  1. Buddhist Response to Global Warming & Environmental Protection: Ideology, Methodology & Dissemination by Dr. Anand Singh
  2. Buddhism, Climate Change and New Approaches to Energy for Sustainable Societies by Dr. Peter Daniels
  3. MDG 7: How Buddhists can prevent a head-on collision with limits by Prof. Colin D Butler
  4. The concept of dependent arising in reducing the likelihood and effects of climate-related conflict by Devin Bowles
  5. A Buddhist Response to Climate Change by Aramati Heine
  6. Buddhist Religious Ecological Concepts by Samantha Ilangakoon
  7. Buddhist Perspective on Consumer Ethics And Sustainable Development by Deepmala
  8. Moral Rectitude towards Green Environment by Phyu Mar Lwin
  9. Compatibilty of Buddhist Principles and Ecology by Dr. Indu Girish
  10. Beyond coal campaign: a  NGO/grassroots movement to stop global warming  by Khanh T. Tran
  11. The Mdgs And Light Manufacturing: A Strategy For Economic Development In Low-Income Countries by Hinh T. Dinh, Van Can Thai and Khanh T. Tran
  12. Eating Animals: Implications from an Environmental and Buddhist point of view by Dhammacarini Amoghamati Traud-Dubois
  13. Local Gods, Karma, & Morality: Religious Understanding of the Environment in Ladakh by Dr. Gurmet Dorjey
  14. Digitizing a Vietnamese Buddhist Temple: The Vietnamese Nôm Preservation Foundation's Thắng Nghiêm Temple Project by Neil Schmid
  15. Buddha’s Way to protect Environment and to the Minimization of Global Warming by Prof. Dr. Bikiran Prasad Barua
  16. Interdependence, Inappropriability of the earth and Human survival by Pr Francois Chenet
  17. Buddhism with Sustainable Development Objectives of Enviroment Protection by Most Vent Thich Hue Thong 
  18. Vietnamese Buddists' participation in climate change response and environment protection by Vu Trung Kien
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