Workshop 3. Buddhist Contributions to Healthy Living


  1. Buddhist Contribution for a Healthy Society towards the Millennium Development Goals by Prof. Kapila Abhayawansa
  2. Buddhist Contribution to Healthy Living by Dr. Satyendra Kumar Pandey  & Ms. Simerjit Kaur
  3. Buddhist Perspective on the Importance of Healthy Thinking towards Healthy Living by Ven. Dr. Panahaduwe Yasassi  Thero
  4. Buddhist Economic Thoughts For Healthy Living by Prof. H. S. Shukla
  5. Buddhist contribution to Healthy Living by Jeewanthi Rathnayake
  6. An Explication of Healthy Living in Buddhist Perspective by R.M. Rathnasiri
  7. How to Reduce Your Mental Agony to obtain a Healthy Life: A Buddhist Perspective by Ven. Rideegama Wanarathana
  8. Buddhadharma as Psychotherapy by RJ Chisholm
  9. Dharma for a Healthy World by Jeff Harrison
  10. Karma Assessment for Healthy Living: A Buddhist Contribution by Dr. G.T. Maurits Kwee
  11. Buddhist Perspective on Consumer Ethics and Sustainable Development by Deepmala
  12. Towards Non-Violence through Healthy Mind by Dr. Thiri Nyunt
  13. Buddhism and teenager education toward healthy living By Le Khac Hieu
  14. Quantification of Happiness using the Science of Metabolomic Profiling by Ching Y. Lo
  15. Scientific Findings on the Health Benefits of Meditation by Ven. Kirama Wimalatissa
  16. Meditation & Healthy Living By Hồng Quang
  17. The Worldwide Mindfulness Meditation Practice by Hozan Roshi
  18. Mindfullness meditation can heal illnesses By Hồng Quang
  19. Streams to Healthy Living Yoga: Freeing the Source of the Ancient Bauddha By Sritantra
  20. Achieving Mental Healthy in China with Vipassanā Cultivation by Fa Qing
  21. Peaceful mind and peaceful life By Bkhikkhuni Dr. Hue Lien
  22. Tranquillity – incomparable way by Bhikhuni Thich Tinh Van 
  23. Buddhist Approach to Healing and Wellness: A Vietnamese American Case Study for United Nations Millennium Development Goals by Kim Nguyen and Jonathan H. X. Lee
  24. Health, Gender Justice and Action Dharma in Nepal: A field study and Buddhist narrative perspective by Kurunamati
  25. Buddhism: Prevention of HIV/AIDS and Other Diseases by Ven Seck Kwang Phing
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