Workshop 4. Buddhist Contribution To Global Peace-Building

  1. The Role of Deterrence in Buddhist Peace-building by Dr. Damien Keown
  2. Holistic Peace as an Integral part of Peacebuilding Process and Post-conflict Recovery by Prof. Siddharth Singh
  3. Peacebuilding and Post-Conflict Recovery: Devising a Methodological Framework for Analysing the Potential of Buddhist Peacebuilding by Mark Owen
  4. Buddhist Concept of Peace in Theory and Practice by Dr.  Rajitha P. Kumara
  5. Peace through Peaceful Means: A Buddhist Perspective on Restorative Justice by Carina Pichler
  6. World Peace and Conflict Resolution: A Solution from Buddhist Point of View by Dr. Arvind Kumar Singh
  7. Reconciliation and Postbellum Restoration – The Buddhist Perspective by John M. Scorsine
  8. A Practical Way of Buddhist Peace-building for the World Peace: An Applying the Zen Teaching of Bodhidharma to Everyone’s Life for Peace by Ven. Jinwol
  9. A Buddhist Perspective on Seeking Solution to a Difficult Situation by Dr. Jenny Ko Gyi
  10. Buddhist paradigm for global peace and prosperity by S.R.Bhatt
  11. Communal Harmony and Buddhism: Perspective Bangladesh by Kazal Barua
  12. How Liking and Disliking Creates Conflict: A Study Based on the Kalahavivāda Sutta and the Abhidhammic Analysis of Mind Process by Kustiani
  13. Building up of Peace and Harmony through Buddhism: Pragmatic Values of the Ovāda Pātimokkha by Dr.Tin Tin Lay
  14. Terrorism as a Universal Evil Rather than a Product of Religion by Jacob W. Buganga
  15. 'Hitacchanda' as a Possible Drive to Alter Negative Attitudes towards Others by Dr. Raluwe Padmasiri
  16. The Way to World Peace via an Integrated Kantian and Buddhist Perspective by Dr. Kim Them Do
  17. The Buddha's Moral Politics for 'Conflict Resolution" by Dr.Sumana Siri
  18. Family: Its Role in Achieving Global Peace by Jnan Nanda
  19. The Role of Education in Enhancing the Sri Lankan Government’s Peace-Building and Reconciliation Strategies by ven. Dr. Mahinda Deegalle
  20. The Role of Women in Peacebuilding with reference to Manipur state of India by Dr. Vandana Singh
  21. Peacebuilding and Post-Conflict Recovery in Nepal: A Buddhist Case Study by Anna King
  22. Majjhimāpatipadā: The Buddhist Perspective on Political Conflict Solution in Thailand by Dr. Somboon Watana
  23. Developing Ancient Buddhist Sites as Tourist Circuits to Minimise Conflict in SAARC Region by Dr. Raj Pal Singh and Sidhartha Gauri
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