Workshop 5. The Important of Promoting Buddhist Education


  1. Integrating “Mindfulness Practice’’ to University Level Curriculum:  Promoting tolerance and empathy in a multi-cultural and multi faith setting by Prof. Padmasiri de Silva
  2. How to use the Buddhist education concepts in making a university level curriculum by Ven. Polgaswatte Paramananda
  3. Viable Buddhist Contribution to Universal Learning for Global Development by Hudaya Kandahjaya
  4. Buddhist Education and University Level Curriculum by Rev. Dilbhadra Maharjan
  5. Opportunities and Challenges for Buddhist Education and Pedagogy in Europe and India by Dr. Chintala Venkata Sivasai
  6. Optimizing Intellectual Achievements by Introducing Buddhist Education by Saw Yee Mon
  7. Buddhist organizational contribution to the achievement of UN millennium development goal of universal primary education; a study on the child development programs conducted by the All Ceylon Buddhist Congress in Sri Lanka by Dr. Praneeth Abayasundera
  8. Mindfulness for secular purposes: distortion or adaptation of the Buddha’s teachings by Dr. J. Abraham Vélez de Cea
  9. A Curriculum on Buddhist Psychology and Therapy/Coaching by Dr. G.T. Maurits Kwee
  10. Education and Buddhist Education by Ven.Dr. Thich Vien Tri
  11. A study of the role of Buddhist Dhamma school education in dealing with the issues of achieving millennium development goals in Sri Lanka by Dr. W.M.Dhanapala
  12. An Engaged and Engaging Postgraduate Education: Turning Vision into Reality in Nan Tien Institute by Juewei SHI
  13. The Dhamma of Hope: Kertarajasa Buddhist College’s Experience in Educating the “Unequal” by Latifah,  A.Budiyanto and Metta Pupita
  14. Evaluation on Buddhist Education and Curriculum of International Theravāda Buddhist Missionary University in Myanmar by Cho Cho Aung
  15. Teaching and Learning the Dhamma through Architectural Designs in the Buddhist Monasteries of Sri Lanka as Focused in the Undergraduate Curriculum by Dr. Leena Seneheweera
  16. Buddhist Ideology towards Children with Disabilities in Thailand: Through the Lens of Inclusive School Principals by Sermsap Vorapanya and Diane Dunlap
  17. How to Transcend Duality by Tammy Cheng
  18. Impact of Buddhist monastery-based education in the removal of poverty: A comparative study of Sri Lanka and Bangladesh by Rev.Tapan Barua
  19. Mahāvihāra as a Centre of Higher Buddhist Education and Moral Ethics by Prof. Bimalendra Kumar
  20. Social Welfare Dimension of Won Buddhism in Modern Korea by Santosh K. Gupta
  21. How to improve Buddhist education in asian countries by Thich Dong Tri
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